Andy (Xueliang) Sun

Dr. Sun is a Full Professor and a Canada Research Chair at the Western University, Canada. Dr. Sun received his PhD in Materials Chemistry under direction of Prof. George Thompson in 1999 at the University of Manchester, UK, followed by work as a postdoctoral fellow under direction of Prof. Keith Mitchell at the University of British Columbia, Canada, and as a Research Associate under direction of Prof. Jean-Pol Dodelet at l’Institut national de la recherché scientifique (INRS), Canada. His current research interests are associated with synthesis of low-dimensional nanomaterials for electrochemical energy storage and conversion. His research focus is on design and synthesis of various one-dimensional nanostructures such as nanotubes, nanowires, nanoparticles and nanofilms as well as their composites as electrocatalysis and catalyst support in fuel cells and as anode and cathodes in lithium ion batteries and Li–air batteries